Boroli, Barolo, 2018

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Boroli Family Vineyards

With a rich history dating back to 1831, the Boroli family have been enterpreneurs across multiple industries. Initially in the textile field, then publishing, today, they have found their passion in the wine industry. In the 90s, Silvano and Elena Boroli felt a strong desire to reconnect with nature, to escape the fast-paced, demanding rhythm of modern life. This led them to the beautiful Langhe region, where they transformed their passion for wine into a dedicated commitment. In the year 2000, Achille, the third of their four children, joined the family business. Achille's contributions have turned the rigorous work in the vineyards into something of great significance and satisfaction. Today, the Boroli family vineyards represent not just a business, but a legacy of love for wine and the land. Their wines are a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality, and a symbol of the satisfaction they derive from their work. Each bottle is a celebration of the Boroli family's history, their connection to the land, and their passion for winemaking.

Boroli, Barolo, 2018

From the esteemed vineyards of Piedmont, Italy, emerges a remarkable red wine - the 2018 Boroli Barolo. This wine is crafted from the Nebbiolo grape, a variety recognized for its robust structure and aging potential.

The production process is meticulous, with the wine undergoing a long maceration period and subsequent aging in oak barrels. This lends it an unparalleled depth of flavor and complexity.

Boroli's 2018 Barolo displays a beautiful balance of strength and elegance. With an alcohol level of 13.5%, it offers a robust yet smooth drinking experience. It has garnered high praise from wine critics, achieving 92 points from Robert Parker and 91 points from James Suckling.

The Barolo appellation, from which this wine hails, is steeped in history. This region is celebrated for its ideal wine-growing conditions, with a climate and soil composition that allows the Nebbiolo grape to thrive. The result is a wine that captures the essence of its geographical origins, reflecting the unique terroir of Piedmont in every sip.

Whether you're a seasoned wine aficionado or simply a fan of fine wine, the 2018 Boroli Barolo promises a memorable tasting experience.

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