Chapuis, Corton-Perrières Grand Cru, 2016

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Chapuis, Pinot Noir, 2016

A product of France, this Pinot Noir comes from the renowned wine region of Burgundy. Produced by Chapuis, this 2016 vintage showcases the rich tradition and mastery of French winemaking.

The production process of this wine is meticulous, reflecting the dedication of its producer. The grapes are carefully selected and harvested, ensuring only the highest quality is used. The fermentation process is closely monitored, allowing the wine to develop its unique characteristics.

With an alcohol level of 13.5%, this Pinot Noir offers a bold and robust taste profile. The flavors, while complex, are balanced, creating a harmony that will please both the newbie and the seasoned wine drinker.

Historically, the Burgundy region has been recognized for its exceptional wines, and this Pinot Noir is no exception. It carries with it the geographical significance of its origin, adding to its overall appeal.

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