Christian Bellang, Meursault, 2021

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Christian Bellang: The Meursault Estate

The Meursault Estate is a family-owned wine estate with a rich history that dates back to 1789. It is situated in the renowned wine regions of Meursault and Savigny lès Beaune in France. The baton of this heritage-rich estate was passed on to Christian in 1974, who took over from his parents and expanded the vineyards with his son Christophe, who joined him in 1995. Today, Christophe manages the expanded estate, which now covers a total of 9 hectares. The vineyard is a beautiful blend of red and white wines, almost evenly balanced. The vines, aged around 30 years on average, are nurtured with utmost care and diligence, ensuring the production of high-quality wines. The Meursault Estate takes pride in its deep roots and the legacy it carries forward with each bottle of wine produced. The family's commitment to preserving the traditional winemaking practices while adapting to modern techniques has resulted in wines that are not only rich in flavor but also carry the essence of their history.

Christian Bellang, Bourgogne Village, 2021

Christian Bellang, a respected producer from the Meursault appellation in Burgundy, France, is renowned for his wines of exquisite finesse and complexity. The Bellang family, with generations of winemaking experience in Burgundy, brings a profound understanding of the region's terroir to their craft, resulting in wines that beautifully express their origins.

Their 2021 Bourgogne Village is a testament to the classic Meursault, boasting a rich, full-bodied nature and a harmonious balance of fruit and minerality. The aroma offers a lively array of ripe orchard fruits, such as apples and pears, interwoven with nuances of citrus zest and underscored by delicate undertones of honeysuckle and roasted hazelnuts.

Upon tasting, the wine reveals flavors of ripe stone fruits, lemon curd, and a splash of tropical fruits. This fruity character is expertly offset by a lively acidity and a distinctive minerality, the hallmark of the limestone-rich soils of Meursault. As the wine breathes, complex notes of butter, almond, and baking spices may surface, a testament to the careful oak aging process.

The finish is long-lasting and memorable, leaving a lasting impression of the wine's intricate interplay of fruit, acid, and minerality. This depth and complexity make it an excellent companion to rich dishes such as lobster, roast chicken, creamy pasta, or veal. Furthermore, the wine possesses impressive aging potential, with its flavors anticipated to develop and evolve over several years.

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