Bellavista, Grande Cuvée Alma Brut

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77% Chardonnay, 22% Pinot Noir, 1% Pinot Blanc

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Lombard Heritage Vineyards

Their Lombard Heritage Vineyards are a treasure that unfolds majestically, nestled between the shores of Lake Iseo and the Lombard Prealps. Each vineyard is recognized by its own name and is cultivated with respect for its unique talent. This inestimable value brings into the glass all the distinctiveness and uniqueness of each clod of land's biodiversity, the under-vineyard, the microclimates, and the exposures. It tells a story of a winemaking heritage of extraordinary quality.

Their vineyards yield a diverse range of expressions, translating into base wines with distinct sensorial characters. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Blanc are the primary grape varieties they cultivate, each contributing a wide range of fundamental notes for the composition of their cuvées. These wines capture the essence of the winery's winemaking style, tenaciously preserved by their old vineyards.

These vineyards, a legacy of extraordinary longevity, are in perfect health with deep roots and a bold character. They faithfully preserve the essence of their winemaking style, bringing unparalleled quality and complexity to their wines. This is a testament to their commitment to sustainable farming practices, respecting the land, and nurturing each vine to yield the best it can. The result is a wine that is a true reflection of its origin, evoking the unique terroir of the Lombard Prealps with every sip.

Bellavista, Grande Cuvée Alma Brut, N/A

Bellavista Grande Cuvée Alma Brut hails from the Franciacorta region of Lombardy, Italy, an area celebrated for its premium sparkling wines. Produced in the traditional méthode Champenoise, a meticulous process where the second fermentation occurs in the bottle, this sparkling wine stands as a testament to Italy's winemaking prowess.

The composition of Grande Cuvée Alma Brut is primarily Chardonnay, with Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) and Pinot Bianco (Pinot Blanc) making up the remainder. The proportions shift slightly each year, influenced by the unique characteristics of each vintage. A substantial aging period on the lees, typically between 48-60 months, imparts an additional layer of complexity and a creamy texture to the wine.

The tasting profile of Bellavista Grande Cuvée Alma Brut is a delicate interplay of ripe fruit and floral notes, underpinned by subtle hints of bread crust or yeast, a result of the extended lees aging. The palate experience is fresh, well-structured, and balanced, leading to a persistent finish that leaves a lasting impression.

While often savored as an aperitif, this wine's versatile nature makes it an excellent companion to a range of dishes, from seafood and light pasta dishes to poultry and soft cheeses.

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