Chapuis, Aloxe Corton 1’er Cru, 2017

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Chapuis, Pinot Noir, 2017

From the heart of Burgundy, France, comes this red wine cultivated by Chapuis in 2017. The wine pays tribute to the long-standing tradition of viticulture in the region.

In the creation of this Pinot Noir, Chapuis upholds careful and time-honored winemaking practices. The grapes are picked by hand and fermented under controlled conditions, ensuring the preservation of their unique aroma and taste. The outcome is a wine that exhibits balance and complexity.

This Pinot Noir from Chapuis presents a distinct flavor profile. It introduces a harmonious blend of tastes that linger, making it a fitting companion to a wide array of meals. With an alcohol content of 13%, it provides a balance between intensity and smoothness.

The importance of its geographical origin is significant. Burgundy, nestled in France, is globally recognized for its exceptional wines. The unique terroir of the region lends a special character to its wines, making them highly sought after by wine enthusiasts of all levels.

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