Dom Pérignon, 2013

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Dom Pérignon

Embodying the vision of its namesake, the Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon, this prestigious Champagne brand is renowned for its dedication to harmony as a source of emotion. This harmony is not only visible in the aesthetic appeal of its bottles but also tangible in the sensory values of its wines.

Dom Pérignon wines are a symphony of precision, intensity, touch, minerality, complexity, and completeness. Each bottle encapsulates the brand's devotion to these values, resulting in wines that are not only enjoyable to drink but also provide a deeply emotive experience.

The precision of Dom Pérignon wines is evident in their meticulous production process, while the intensity is reflected in the bold flavors and aromas. The touch of the wine on the palette is as important as the taste, adding another layer to the drinking experience. Minerality, a characteristic imparted by the terroir, adds a unique flavor profile to the wines, while complexity and completeness ensure that each sip is a journey of discovery.

Dom Pérignon's commitment to these values has cemented its place in the world of fine wines, making it a favorite among wine connoisseurs across the globe.

Dom Pérignon, Sparkling, 2013

Dom Pérignon, a name synonymous with prestige and quality, originates from the Champagne house of Moët & Chandon, a subsidiary of the luxury group LVMH. It is named in honor of a 17th-century monk, Dom Pierre Pérignon, who made significant strides in refining the production methods and quality of early Champagne wine.

Despite common misconceptions, Dom Pierre Pérignon did not invent the Champagne-making process. Rather, his innovative approaches in the vineyard and winery, such as careful grape selection and blending methods, significantly elevated the caliber of wines produced in the region.

Dom Pérignon, the Champagne, is consistently a vintage wine, indicating that it is not produced in less favorable years, and all grapes used in the creation of the wine are harvested within the same year. The blend consists of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, though the precise composition varies with each vintage, contingent upon the conditions of that particular year's harvest.

Dom Pérignon sets itself apart from many Champagne houses that release their Champagnes at a relatively young age. Instead, Dom Pérignon is distinguished for its extended aging prior to release. This practice contributes to the complexity, richness, and fine, persistent bubbles for which the brand is renowned. The resultant wine has the potential to age gracefully, often preserved by collectors for many years, or even decades.

The tasting notes of Dom Pérignon reveal characteristics such as toasted brioche, almond, stone fruit, citrus, and a certain creaminess on the palate. These notes are underpinned by a lively acidity that contributes to its potential for aging.

Dom Pérignon continues to be one of the most iconic and sought-after Champagne brands globally, embodying both luxury and celebration.

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