Dalva, 30 Years Old Port

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C. da Silva

Experience the genuine taste of port wine with C. da Silva, a wine company that is deeply rooted in the Douro region, known as the birthplace of authentic port wine. This region doesn't only carry historical significance as the first ever demarcated and regulated wine region in the world, but it is also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. C. da Silva is renowned for its distinct port wines, produced under truly exceptional conditions. The terraces of the Douro provide a unique environment, contributing to the character and complexity of the wines. The company's commitment to preserving the region's rich winemaking heritage is evident in every bottle they produce. With each sip, one can experience the pure expression of the Douro, a testament to the region's significant contribution to the world of wine. C. da Silva's port wines are more than just a beverage, they are a celebration of history, tradition, and the unique qualities of the Douro region.

Dalva, Port, Year Unknown

From the esteemed producer Dalva, this Port wine is a testament to the rich winemaking tradition of Portugal. Hailing from the Douro region, an area known for its rugged terrain and steep slopes, the grapes for this wine are grown under conventional viticulture practices.

The production process of this Port involves the traditional method of foot treading in lagares, followed by aging in barrels. This time-honored technique contributes to the wine's unique character and complexity.

With an alcohol level of 20%, this Port offers a robust yet harmonious taste profile. While the specific tasting notes remain a delightful surprise for the palate, you can expect the typical richness and depth associated with quality Port wines.

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, Dalva's Port promises a memorable wine experience. Its historical and geographical significance adds an extra layer of appreciation for the careful craftsmanship that goes into every bottle.

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