Pascal Clément, Rully “La Crée”, 2020

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Pascal Clément Winery

Pascal Clément, hailing from Savigny-les-Beaune, a distinguished winemaking village just a stone's throw away from Beaune, the heart of Burgundy wines, brings a unique blend of tradition and modernity to the table. His winery, housed in an elegant building dating back to 1850, is as much a testament to history as it is to the timeless art of winemaking. The winery boasts a magnificent arched cellar, providing a storage capacity for up to 200 barrels. This is where the magic happens; where carefully selected grapes are transformed into exquisite wine, each bottle capturing the essence of Burgundy’s rich terroir. In addition to the historical charm, the winery is also equipped with stainless steel vats, signifying a seamless blend of tradition and contemporary winemaking practices. This balance ensures consistent quality, while still preserving the unique character and complexity that makes Burgundy wines so sought after. Pascal Clément's commitment to quality and authenticity, coupled with his innovative approach, ensures that every bottle produced at his winery is a true reflection of the rich heritage and exceptional terroir of Savigny-les-Beaune.

Pascal Clément, Bourgogne Village, 2020

The Bourgogne Village 2020, a product of the esteemed Pascal Clément, is a white wine hailing from the renowned region of Burgundy, France. This delightful libation is crafted from the Chardonnay grape, a varietal known for its versatility and expression of terroir.

The 2020 vintage was a year of optimal conditions in Burgundy, leading to the production of excellent wines. Following the traditional winemaking process, this wine was aged to perfection, resulting in a harmonious balance of flavors. The alcohol level is a moderate 13%, making it a pleasing choice for those seeking a wine with substance, yet not overpowering.

On the palate, this Bourgogne Village offers a complex taste profile. The Chardonnay grape imparts a unique character to the wine, lending it a depth of flavor that is both intriguing and satisfying. Its nuanced taste profile makes it an excellent companion to a variety of dishes, enhancing the dining experience.

Beyond its delightful taste, this wine carries the rich history and prestige of the Burgundy region. Known for its centuries-old winemaking tradition and unique terroir, Burgundy is revered among wine enthusiasts worldwide. Every sip of this Pascal Clément Bourgogne Village is a testament to this legacy, offering a taste of France's wine heritage.

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